Fasteners that remain attached to the panel or parent material, even when disengaged from the mating part, are captive screws . They are used to meet military requirements, Captive Screws feature a shoulder under the head that is smaller in diameter than the root of the thread. This allows the screw to be captured between the head … Captive Panel Screws And Hardware Large Knob, Spring-Loaded – Types PF11, PF11M, PF11MF, PF11MW, PF12, PF12M, PF12MF, PF12MW, PEM C.A.P.S PEM type PF11 / PF12 family of panel fasteners provides design flexibility by offering three styles of installation types,

Captive screw . Yuhuang – Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Captive screws . Captive screws are snapped into position just using thumb pressure. Invaluable for equipment panels where mounting hardware is subject to loss, these captive screws and retainers assure easy and secure assembly. Custom design screws are available. ( Fasteners also can be supplied without the lockout feature.) Fastener design variations While the vast majority of panel fasteners with captive screws have been engineered as spring-loaded assemblies, types without springs have been introduced, offering relatively lower-cost design solutions. PIC Design offers a one-stop shop for all precision gear products and high hereponents. Learn More. ISO 9015

Our catalogue Design Elements Thumb, Captive Sealing Screws Captive Screws Captive Screws . Captive Screws . Show filters Hide filters. Our catalogue. Wixroyd captive screws are made from stainless steel but available in steel upon request. Available in cheese head, cap head, phillips drive and countersunk. Sort by. 52 - Miniature Captive Screws Captive fastening in tight spaces is no problem with the reduced footprint of these Miniature Series captive screws . Combination tool-head recesses and knurled screw options provide lots of versatility for fastening/unfastening by hand or with tools.