Installation Of The Brass Machine Screw Anchors With The Use Of The X Combination Drill Bit . Premark your holes. herebination Drill Bit, drill a hole deep enough to set the -20 Brass Machine Screw Anchor into the concrete or concrete block. Tighten the set screw , when available, to hold the key securely during installation and until cap screws are securely tightened. REMOVAL 1. Loosen and remove all mounting cap screws . 2. Insert cap screws in all threaded jack screw holes (J). 3. Start with the screws furthest from the bushing saw slot and tighten all jack screws alternately and Adapter Installation Process 1. Use instructions and template to install latch. 2. Position the adapters so the #10 machine screws are inserted from the inside face of the door. 3. Loosely thread the #10 machine screws through the inside adapter into the outside adapter. 4. Insert the spindle into the latch. 5.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Item # PRS3034 [Fits Triton TRA001 and MOF001, all Porter-Cable 7500 series*] . -20 x 1 fl athead machine screws (lock-down screws ) • -20 x set screw • Brass starting pin . be necessary to purchase longer screws . For fi xed-base routers, install the motor unit in the router base. 5. Machine Screw Anchors , Bushings , Installation Instructions . Installation guide for machine screws , bushings more from All Points Screw , Bolt Specialty Co. Saporiti screws machines. Saporiti machine tools for screw production, Italy. J) Insert Universal Bushing onto Feed Cord and insert bushing into 5/8 hole in top of housing and make wiring connections. Wire feed may be brought into abutting fixtures thru wireway opening in End Headers. Make wiring connections. Surface Mount: ( Anchor screws supplied by Installer) A) Mount the first fixture in the row per steps 1A-1C.

multi-point installation instructions springfield trim shown see hardware catalog for hole spacing entrance american cylinder function exploded view interior trim lock body spindle position notches towards door exterior threaded screw posts see note press-in bushings lever set screws align with spindle groove exterior trim lock cylinder cylinder machine screws 5. Place return spring around retainer bushing . With lever in the horizontal position, install with the inside bend of the bottom leg of the spring around the stand-off. Swing the top leg of the return spring over to the other side of the stand-off. See FIG. 7 6. Secure return spring bushing … machine screws and moving the door hinge brackets on the door. 4. Tighten all four (4) machine screws after adjustments have been made. 5. Remove the door from the unit by removing the units top hinge set screw and angling the door off of the bottom hinge pin. Shoulder Bushing Door Hinge Bracket #10-

It is good to know that herees to these cylinders, it is possible to install a bus hing without a press. Thanks for informing me that it is a good idea to sand and polish the inner diameter of the housing before installing new OE bushing .