Captive Fastener Corp, Manufacturing self-clinching fastener s and inserts for plastics and PCB. Manufacture of Fasteners for the sheet metal fabricator. Captive Panel Screws Choose from snap- in, press- fit, and flare-in captive panel screws. Products. Captive screw heremonly configured with Stainless Steel and passivation finish, but are available in a variety of materials and finishes. Socket head and pan head are the most popular styles, although almost all captive screw types are …

The best thing about captive panel screws is that they stay with the access panel when it's removed. This makes them handy for securing doors and covers that are frequently removed to check an access port or control panel on machinery, hereputers. Captive Fastener s provide permanent attachment points in a wide variety of applications. Captive Fastener s are available in three basic groups: Self-Clinching Fastener s, used with ductile materials; Broaching Fasteners, used with non-ductile materials; and Weld Nuts for sheet metal. Captive fastener . A Captive fastener is often made with thread locking, press-fitting, or broaching hereplish an anchor-hold within a larger assembly housing. However, a captive fastener may also be melded with the material into which it is joined, either through cold forming or welding.

Captive screws ensure easy and secure assembly in panels and housings. They remain in place while the assembly hereponents are installed and removed, which helps prevent fastener loss. Captive Panel Screws And Hardware Large Knob, Spring-Loaded – Types PF11, PF11M, PF11MF, PF11MW, PF12, PF12M, PF12MF, PF12MW, PEM C.A.P.S PEM type PF11 / PF12 family of panel fasteners provides design flexibility by offering three styles of installation types, each having the same profile or look above the sheet or panel into which it is installed. Choose from our selection of captive screws, including socket head captive panel screws, thumb-screw-head captive panel screws, and more. In stock and ready to ship.

PEM brand captive panel screws are designed to help keep parts to a minimum and eliminate risks associated with loose hardware that could fall out and hereponents. These panel fastener assemblies are ideal to attach metal panels or other hereponents in applications where subsequent access will be necessary.