Flange Head Machine Screws Flanged Rounded Head Screws The flange distributes pressure across a wider surface, eliminating the need for a separate washer. Choose from our selection of flange head screws , including flanged hex head screws , flanged rounded head screws , and more. Flange Head Screws . Sheet Metal Flange Head Cap Screw Middle Carbon Steel DIN6921– M16x40– 8.8. High Tensile Cross Recessed Pan Head Machine Screw M6x40 DIN 7985 For Mechanical. Heavy Duty Pan Head Cross Recessed Screw M8x30 8.8 Wear / Corrosion Resistant.

12 Point Flange Screw (285) Flat Head Cap Screw (55) Slotted Flat Ctsk Hd Cap Screw (55) Heavy Hex Screw (68) Heavy Hex Hd Cap Screw (68) . Round Head Machine Screw (1) Metric Phillips Flat Hd Mach Screw (1) Tapping Screw (2) Metric Phillips Pan Hd Tapping Screw (2) 12 Point Flange Screw (3) Flange machine bolts, also known as hex flange machine screws , incorporate a bearing face, or flange , that extends beyond the diameter of the head . This flange distributes the clamp load over a … Related Searches for flange head machine screw : hex head self drilling screws wafer head self drilling screws socket head cap screws double ended machine screw flange socket head cap screw pozi pan head machine screw small machine screws stainless steel wafer head screws

Home › Shop › Inch Flange Products › Flange Screws › Hex Serrated Grade 5 Flange Machine Screws Head Dimensions: IFI-111, Serrations Thread Dimensions: Full Thread, Machine Screw Threads Per ASME B18.6.3, Shear Cut Machine screws are threaded along the entire shaft of the screw . Round, Pan, Flat, Hex and Truss Head Machine Screws with Phillips here stocks machine screws with pan, round, truss, flat and hex heads. Flange bolts have a circular flange under the head that acts like a washer to distribute the load. Flange bolts that are non-serrated are sometimes called frame bolts.