This is a flat head machine screw with a length of 2 inches and diameter of 5/16 inches. The length is based on the actual screw length not including the head of the screw . Hardware and Fasteners . Price Options Your Cart. Nut #4 (10 pack) $0.35. Qty: #4 Hex Nut . ( Cross Dowels or Barrel Nut ) Hardware component used to fasten. Cross Dowels . Joint connector cross dowel fasteners . Replacement and repair hardware commonly used in knock-down furniture, beds, cribs, bookshelves and more. Click on item descriptions below for individual item details. Cross dowel nuts … Furniture cross dowel barrel nuts are cylindrical shaped metal nuts (metal dowels ) used with furniture connector bolts to join two pieces of wood. The inside threaded hole is unusual in that it passes through the sides of the dowel .

Socket Head Screws; Hardware Nuts ; Barrel Binding Nuts ; Dowel Pins . 10-Pack Imperial 1/4-20 Furniture Bolts Nuts Set Hex Hexagon Socket Drive Round Head Screw Bolt with Barrel Nut Combination Phillips-Slotted Drive, Zinc Plated Carbon Steel (2-3/4 inch Long - Bolt ) . ABN Cross Dowel Barrel Nuts are well built, solid steel hardware that securely fasten materials at 90-degree angles. If your project requires strong, durable joints, Hanger Bolts Dowel Screws. Wood Screws. Machine Screws. Drywall Screws. Sheet Metal Screws. plated hex bolts stainless steel hanger bolts wood hanger bolts hardware hanger bolts steel bolt machine screw hanger bolts. The square shank under the head pulls into the material as nuts are tightened and prevents the bolt from …

Types of Nuts and Bolts. Fasteners come in many different forms. (also known as shoulder screws or stripper bolts) are machine screws with a shoulder between the thread of the screw and the head of the part. Once installed, the non-threaded portion extends out of the surface of the application site, Dowel screws and hanger bolts are used in woodworking and do not leave fasteners exposed on workpieces. Dowel screws have self-tapping wood screws on either end while hanger bolts have a self-tapping wood screw on one end and a machine screw or bolt … Build Something Extraordinary With Our Large Selection of Quality Machine Screws, Nuts and Bolts at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware . Machine Screws, Nuts and Bolts Rockler Woodworking and Hardware JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Fasteners For All Your Woodworking Needs. Find a Large Selection of Screws, Threaded Inserts, Nails, Dowels , Biscuits, T- Nuts and More at Rockler.